Lympstone Manor Estate Chardonnay

A Celebration of English White Wine with Lympstone Manor Estates English Chardonnay Launch.

Not that many decades ago, it was inconceivable that England’s cool climate would produce globally recognised wines. Yet, here we are, in the midst of a booming national wine making industry proving our mild climate can produce world leading English white wines.   As European countries struggle with stifling summer heat, English winegrowers are taking …

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Vines with grapes being harvested

The life of the Lympstone Manor Estate vineyard

At this time of year, the work in the vineyard is only just beginning. Over the colder months, Steve Edwards, Lympstone Manor’s Operations Director and now also Vineyard Manager, has been in the vineyard most days undertaking the laborious and skilled task of pruning each of the vineyard’s 17,500 vines as well as the partial …

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Lympstone Manor Vineyard Estate vines

Sustainability at Lympstone Manor Estate

By Marc Millon – Wine, Food and Travel Writer. Sustainability in winegrowing and winemaking can mean many things. It is more than just a production process or processes, and extends from how grapes are cultivated through to every stage of wine production, and even beyond to adopting social responsibility for the environment and communities surrounding …

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The precision of winemaking at Lympstone Manor Estate

By Marc Millon. What is dosage? For producers of traditional method sparkling wine, it is a process that takes place after dégorgement (the removal of the bottle sediment) when the block of frozen wine-and-sediment that has been expelled is replaced with either the same wine or with a mixture of wine and small amounts of …

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