Listen to Michael and Steve on the In The Vineyard Podcast

Catch Michael Caines MBE, Chef Owner of Lympstone and Operations Manager, Steve Edwards on the In The Vineyard With podcast, hosted by Moshé Cohen.⁠

‘In The Vineyard With’ features in depth conversations with leading figures in the world of wine. Moshé Cohen is a wine consultant, a member of the Circle of Wine Writers and an International Wine Judge.⁠

It’s a hard enough job, starting a Country Hotel, in a rundown building, having to renovate it to a Relais & Châteaux standards, establishing a kitchen and a restaurant worthy of a Michelin star, before any other task is considered.⁠

Planting a vineyard, and especially one destined to make Traditional Method English sparkling wines, with no experience in viticulture or winemaking could be seen as over ambitious at best, or foolhardy at worst.⁠

Michael just knew, after one look at the southwest sloping barren field, stretching from the house, down towards the mouth of the River Exe, that had it been somewhere in France or Italy, that field would be planted to vines.⁠

Listen to this episode, to hear about the complexities of the challenge, the wines produced so far and the ones yet to be released, what other products the vineyard produces, other forms of fermentations, Michael and Steve’s desert island wine (and what dish goes with it!) and much more…⁠

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